Keynote Speakers

Domain identity: tools for privacy-by-design in cloud systems
Miroslaw Kutylowski is a full professor at Wroclaw University of Technology in Silesia, Poland. He is also an elected member of Polish state Commission on Academic Degrees. His research is mainly focused on algorithms (especially ad hoc radio networks), privacy (privacy by design and provable privacy), authentication with ID cards and other issues of applied cryptography. Research results concern in particular rigid privacy proof for onion routing, verifiable e-voting schemes, attacks on UProve system, and an authentication protocol included recently into ICAO standard for travel documents. He serves frequently as an government expert for issues concerning IT security.

Cloud Security: Challenges and Practice
Cloud computing represents the trend of information technology. The development of cloud computing is facing several challenges. Security issues are at the top of the list. This talk deeply analyzes the security problems of cloud computing. Cloud security problems are fundamental rooted in the cloud characteristics- service outsourcing, sharing of computing infrastructure, dynamic complexity, superlarge system scale, multi-tendency, highly centralized resources and the open federated structure. The talk lists several key security challenges to cloud computing, such as trust relationships, access control, user behavior monitoring and privacy protection.